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What if you want to stay informed with the group?
What’s a skater to do?

The official skate season is April-October. However, we skate year-round.  Landskaters stay informed of every skate through our Landskaters Email Group. Skate leaders notify the group in the event of last-minute changes such as rain or nearby events. 

Philadelphia Landskaters

Street Talk

The Lanskaters take Manhattan in 1992.
Lars Hindsley

How Philadelphia Inline Skating Started

In the spring of 1992, inline skating was starting to explode in the Philadelphia area. The convergence of two groups led to the first Philly City Skates, and then to the creation of Landskaters.

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125mm Inline Skate Wheels
Lars Hindsley

Do Big Wheels Make Skates Go Faster?

Okay. Logic is telling you that larger wheels means larger circumference and that in turn means fewer turns for a given distance.  That doesn’t take into consideration the variation of momentum due to resistance, torque, and other factors impacting the moment of inertia. 

If only the answer was that easy.

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90s Era Lightning Rollerblades
Lars Hindsley

Are Rollerblades and Inline Skates The Same?

Beginners call them Rollerblades even if they own K2’s or some other brand. There lies the answer for most. Rollerblade is a brand of inline skates with historical importance. For most Rollerblade owners Rollerblades and inline skates are more than the same, they are (only) Rollerblades. 

However here is the grim truth for all you Rollerblade owners.

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10:30 AM
The Philadelphia Landskaters Saturday Adventure Skate

Adventurous destinations weekly.

Paused for now

LOVE City Skate Icon

Welcoming all skaters who want to ease into street skating.


10:00 AM

Low impact for everyone.


10:00 AM
The Philadelphia Landskaters Sunday morning Express Skate

Not too slow. Not too fast.


7:00 PM
The Philadelphia Landskaters Tuesday JV Skate

Great weekday exercise.


7:00 PM
The Philadelphia Landskaters Tuesday Varsity Skate

A vigorous enjoyable pace.

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