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Meet us Sunday's at 10AM at the foot of the Philly Art Museum for a casual skate across the city.
Meet us Sunday's at 10AM at the foot of the Philly Art Museum for a casual skate across the city.


The Casual Cruise features unique routes from week-to-week.

It ranges from 8 to 10 miles of inline street skating through the streets of Philadelphia.

Join the Casual Cruise for a healthy exercise oriented non-competitive skate that avoids hills where it can. 

Are you having trouble choosing between the Casual Cruise and JV Skate?  While neither are high-impact, the Casual Cruise is at a slower pace and less strenuous than the JV Skate. Don’t let a 10 mile distance intimidate you! No competent skater should be worried they can’t finish a 10 mile skate. 


Landskaters 10 AM Sunday Meet-up City Street Inline Skate Time

Sunday’s at 10:00 AM between April and October. 

There are two skate groups on Sunday’s that both meet up at 10 AM.  You’ll have until the last moment to decide which one you want to skate with. See our calendar for details such as departure time, etc…


Our 2022 Skate Season began on April 10, 2022. Join us every Sunday!


Where We Meet

The Landskaters Meet-Up location is the foot of the Philly Art Museum Steps near the Rocky Statue

The foot of the Philadelphia Art Museum steps near the Rocky Statue.  39°57’53.3″N 75°10’46.4″W
If an event is taking place that prohibits access, the Landskaters Email Group your source for constant updates and last minute alterations.

Where To Park

If you are travelling by car you’ll find the most nearby parking is on Pennsylvania Avenue and side streets to the adjacent north of the Art Museum. 

Where We Skate

The CASUAL CRUISE generally skates around South Philly with the half-way break point at Head House Square or 2nd and South Street. All skates end back at the Art Museum.


Intermediate skaters will have a great time city street inline skating. You need to be able to stop at any speed, drop in from curbs, jump or swerve around pot-holes, manage wet pavement during sudden rain storms or other wet surfaces, etc…

All skate disciplines are welcome and you’ll find they are all well represented! Rec skaters, aggressive skaters, freestyle skaters, dance skaters, speed skaters, hockey skaters, urban skaters of all types come out to simply enjoy a casual skate to enjoy the local color. 


Wear any skate you like. At 10+ miles a mid-cuff or high-cuff skate of any type is the most efficient for stamina.

Bikes may join us but are expected to stay to the rear and to also be very careful to mind how skaters stride (kick out) and should you pass a skater, stay far wide of them for safety.

Helmets and pads are expected. You’ll find our members wear no less than a helmet and wrist guards. Elbow and knee pads are a advised.

We stop for water at the halfway point and sometimes find a fountain along some routes. It is a good idea to bring your own hydration otherwise there’s a Wholefoods within a few blocks if you forget to bring hydration.

Abilities & Skills You Need To City Street Inline Skate

Skate Ability

It’s a casual cruise through the city but it’s NOT intended for beginner skaters. You need confident intermediate skate skills to reliably handle city street skating. 

Lung Stamina

Average lung stamina to handle short durations. In addition, stoplights provide a pause in skating. otherwise expect as much as a mile of straight steady exertion of inline skating.

Leg Stamina

Basic leg and ankle skate stamina to handle an overall distance of 8 to 10 miles of skating. 


The CASUAL CRUISE is not intended to to be a difficult or high-impact skate. Come out to skate a good pace, but with plenty of stops and never at high-intensity.  

How Long

While this may be the shortest distance of all our skates, with the same 10:20 AM start time, we still arrive back at the Art Museum around noon.

How Far

Skates are from 8 to 10 miles total.

Post Skate

Sometimes members meet up after skates for a drink or lunch somewhere within a few blocks of the Art Museum. Some include Bishop’s Collar, Kite and Key, or other local skater-friendly bar/restaurant.

City Street Skating FAQs

Helmets are STRONGLY recommended. Pads and gloves are also advised.  We skate amidst traffic. Consider the helmet protection against others - even if you are an expert skater.

Actually, we do. Core members skate every week unless snow or rain stops us. We stay in touch through our email list serv, and we welcome you to join!

We ask that you always prepare for the worst. Have the means to get a ride from any point in a skate. Generally this means have payment with you for rideshare, cab or public transportation.

We have no age limit, but if you are under 16, please have an adult attend with you. 

In 2010 a 6 year old completed a 12 mile Philly Food Skate event. He attended with his parent. Some parents have brought infants in baby exercise carts.

Sort of! In September of 2023, we introduced the Love City Skate on Thursdays. It's a chill skate; however, a key ability is stopping with control.  You must be ready to try skating in the street.  

Yes. We do ask that all bikes remain to the back with the sweep for safety reasons. Skater's kick out when striding. If you must pass, be sure to pass far wide of all skaters.

Landskaters are from every age group. Many are legacy skaters who have skated 20+ years. They are fun loving but serious about skating. Don't get us wrong, we are definitely social, and  everyone is easy to talk to. Many talk while skating, while others talk at stop lights or breaks. The group welcomes you to take photos just don't expect a lot of Instagram moments. 

Final Notes

Our skates feature a lead and sweep. Do not pass the lead skater as matter of respect. The sweep is a skater who assists in keeping trailing skaters or struggling skaters from losing the group. If the skate group is stretched out or broken into parts temporarily for example by a stoplight, simply skate forward and expect to find the group ahead. When we turn corners we mark them with a skater who remains there to signal the turn to all trailing skaters.  

We stop for injured skaters, but we don’t end skates entirely due to an injury. We stop skates for skate repairs too. We don’t leave skaters to fend for themselves but as adults you should be prepared for the unexpected such as injury or an unrepairable skate. As mentioned in our FAQs above, a standard expectation of all skaters is to bring payment for any rideshare or public transportation in case you are unable to finish. 

Landskaters Casual Cruise


Skate Leader | Casual Cruise
ToWi is the strong silent type. He's also the friendliest Landskater.



Landskaters stay informed of every skate through our Landskaters Email Group
Skate leaders notify the group in the event of last minute changes such as rain or nearby events
 The official skate season is April-October, get in on ad-hoc off-season skates
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Get up to the minute alerts with the Landskaters Email Group
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